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Cebu lechon, the Filipino whole roasted suckling pig that draws crowds across Sydney!

When Fred and Fely Mahusay migrated to Australia in 1987, there was little to no Filipino food, let alone lechon, a specialty of their regional home, Cebu.

So, they began experimenting for family and friends. “They were home- sick!” says their son Will. “Food was their way to connect back to [the] motherland.” Over the years, requests grew for their authentic take on suckling pig. Eventually, demand surpassed their off-hours operation, and registered Sydney Cebu Lechon as a company. It’s now celebrating 27 years in business.


The late Anthony Bourdain himself was a notorious pork aficionado. When a Philippines-focused episode of No Reservations aired in 2009, it became a seminal piece of television for both lechon and Filipino food as a whole. “It can now be said that of all the whole roasted pigs I’ve had all over the world, the slow- roasted lechon I had in Cebu was the best,” declared Anthony Bourdain. Sydney Cebu Lechon, is Sydney’s oldest purveyor and without contest one of its best.

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